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2021 Julie Winkel Clinic - May 15th & 16th, 2021

Alpine Ridge Farms is very excited to present:

Julie Winkel from Reno Nevada

May 15th & 16th, 2021


Julie Winkel has been a licensed Hunter, Equitation, Hunter Breeding and Jumper judge since 1984. She has officiated at prestigious events such as Devon, Harrisburg, Washington International, Capital Challenge, The Hampton Classic and Upperville Horse Shows. She has designed the courses and judged the ASPCA Maclay Finals, The USEF Medal Finals, USEF Pony Finals and The New England Equitation Finals.
Julie has trained and shown hunters and jumpers to the top level, nationally as well as internationally. She was a winner of multiple Grand Prix competitions and many Hunter championships during her career.
Ms.Winkel sits on the Board Of Directors for USHJA, serves as chairman of Continuing Education Committee for USEF, serves as co-chair for Officials Committee for USHJA, serves on National Hunter committee and the Licensed Officials Committee for USEF, Trainer Certification for USHJA, & Zone 10 Jumper Committee, as well as the Emerging Athlete Program committee, and Trainer Symposium committee.
Julie owns and operates Maplewood, Inc. in Reno, NV. which is a 150 acre training, sales and breeding facility, standing her two Grand Prix jumpers-Osilvis and Cartouche Z. She gives clinics and judges throughout the country and writes a monthly column for PRACTICAL HORSEMAN'S "Conformation Clinic".


This is a two day clinic with 4 - 11/2 hour sessions which will be open to children, juniors, amateurs and professionals with a limit of 8 riders per session.


Clinic Fees: $475.00 until 4/1/2021 after 4/1/2021 $525.00

+ 75.00 stall fee for the weekend -  fees includes one auditor pass for each rider, and one guest.


This year we will not be providing breakfast and lunch due to the Covid-19


 Auditors daily fee - $40.00  


Clinic Sections  daily 

2' -  2'3" - One session

2'6"- 2'9"  - 2 sessions

3' - 3'6"  - 1 session 


Now accepting payment through @ Friends and Family. 


Non-refundable deposit of 1/2 down required with Registration form, signed releases for both Alpine Ridge Farms & Julie Winkel and USHJA, and a negative Coggins. Balance is due at time of clinic.  Entries will be accepted as first come, first serve. Closing date for rider registration is: May 1st, 2021


For more information and registration forms contact: Becky Bradley 616-887-1419, text 616-437-9264 or email


Posted on 28 Jan 2021

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2013 MHJA YEAR-END AWARDS , 1/2/2014

Emma Janesak on The Muffin Man

Children's Small / Medium Pony Equitation O/F - 4th

Children's Small / Medium Pony Equitation OTF - 4th

Children's Small / Medium Pony Hunter - 4th

Small Pony Hunter - Reserve Champion

Emily Hank on I Like Dreaming

Primary Adult Equitation O/F - 5th

Emily Silverthorne on I Want Action

Junior Equitation 14 Years and Under OTF - 4th

Well done ladies for our first year showing on the MHJA show circuit. Proud of you! 

Beginner and Advance Gymnastic Classes On The Weekends

I am now offering gymnastic classes for beginner and advnace riders. These class will run all year long to any rider who wants an extra lesson over and above the weekly lesson. This class is for the serious rider who wants more time in the saddle and more riding experience. But it is mandatory for any one showing. The class is open to all students who are interested.

The cost is $15.00 if you own your own horse and $20.00 if you use a lesson horse. The class is approximately two hours long. The beginners class are on Sunday's at 12:00 (noon) and the Advance rider is on Sunday at 3:00.

In this class we work on additional flat work, equitation test and jumping gymnastic lines.

These classes will is held every Weekend. It is important that if you start this program that you attend every date available.

Payments are due the day of the lesson and place your payment in the moneybox.



GIVE THE GIFT OF LESSONS. Are you looking for the perfect gift idea! Alpine Ridge Farms has Gift Certificates available for purchase on all lesson packages.

Starter Package $240.00

Each Lesson Package consist of 6 - one hour lessons.

Call Becky Bradley at 616-887-1419


USHJA Trainers Symposium with George Morris, 11/6/2009

I had the most wonderful opportunty to attend the USHJA Trainers Symposium with George Morris on November 6, 7 and 8, 2009.

George Morris is absolutely incredible and he can still ride. He proved it several times a day, demonstrating to us the correct way of riding on several different horses. Your horse has to be scrupulously straight, forward and moving off all your aids. Your horse has to have self carriage. Watch out students there will be no more butt grabbers!!! Take contact of your horse's mouth, Get up off your horse's back and learn to ride with your leg.


BOOKS and DVD's OF INTEREST, 12/31/2008

Build Confidence Over Fences

Anne Kursinskie's Riding and Jumping Clinic

Winning - A training and Showing Guide for Hunter Seat Riders

American System of Forward Riding - Vol 1 & II


Horse Show Items List 

If you have a child that is going to be showing this year, here is a list of items that they will need for showing:

Tall Boots (or Jodhpurs/Straps

Show Breeches (Beige-Khaki-Tan)

Show Jacket (Blue or Blue with pin strip)

Show Helmet (ASTM Certified black velvet)

Show shirt w/collar - 2 (White or Pin Strip only)

Collar Pin or monogramed collar

Schooling Breeches

Gloves - black only

Belt (black or brown)

Tack Box

Show Fleece Saddle Pad (White)

Braiding supplies, (hair clip, mane puller, seam ripper,scissors and yarn - color to match horses mane

Polo Wraps or Woof boots

Saddle Soap & Leather Conditioner

Grooming tote box and supplies, hoof pick, currycomb, brushes (soft, short and long) grooming and boot rags, sweat scraper, flay spray and shampoo.

Most of these items can be purchased at:

The Fox Den in Comstock Park
Jackson's Western Store in Wayland
and Moores Store in Cedar Springs

On line orders at:

If you have any questions as to what everything is just let me know. I'll be glad to help you out.





1) To be eligible: the student must be in our lesson, attend weekend gymnastic classes and scheduled clinics and our show program.

2) Half Lease  - Cost will be $275.00 per month with a $50.00 discount if paid by the 15th of the month. You will be invoiced monthly.

3) Full Lease - Cost will be $ 450.00 per month with a $50.00 discount if paid by the 15th of the month. You will be invoiced monthly.

3) You will also be responsible for any farrier, worming, extra monthly supplements expenses, vaccines, dental, chiropractic care, and any minor vet bills.

4) Terms of the lease program will be a one year term and can not be terminated for any reason. If the horse gets sold while being leased then the lease will be terminated. You may however change your lease to a different horse.

5) Rider gets first ops for show dates.


Posted on 08 Dec 2014
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