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Grand daughter Audrey hard at play in the Round bale feeder


The students of Alpine Ridge Farms waiting to ride the Hunter Classic class at the Alpine Ridge Farms LMHJA Show in August 2008.


Student Group
Student Group Picture at Christmas Party 2008 Back row left to right: Cheryl, Betsy, Danielle, Brooke, Kaylee, Mikayla and Kelly Front row left to right: Hanna, Becky (Trainer) , Saylor and Jessica


Louie & Kaylee
Louie & Kaylee Flatting at Cedar Lodge Finals 2007


Kisses For Mom
Kisses For Mom


I'm not Spoiled!
I'm not Spoiled!


Best Friends Always
Best Friends Always


Hanna won the High Jump at the Huntington Valley Show 2011.


Twin Cities Show
We Rocked Twin Cities Show in 2012


Cedar Lodge Show
We Rocked Cedar Lodge Show in 2012


Hanna, Mikayla and Kaylee
Hanna, Mikayla and Kaylee


Scott Hofstetter and Becky Bradley
Scott Hofstetter and Becky Bradley at our May 9th &10th, 2009 Clinic


Aspen - Late evening at Dusk at Alpine Ridge Farms


Amazing Show
Amazing Show for us. We cleaned up on Championships. Great job Trisha, Kaylee, Hanna, Brooke and Saylor.


Huntington Valley
Considering the frist show they did together was total disaster.... They cleaned up at thier second show at Huntington Valley in June 2009




Posted on 11 Dec 2014
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