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Alpine Ridge Farms Service & Pricing


I offer lessons for beginners to advanced riders.

You don't need to own a horse to learn to ride. 


Starter Package - $260.00 - first time students only- This six week learning program are private lessons. The first lesson consist of teaching Horsemanship -Horsemanship begins in the barn before and after the lesson. Each student is responsible for getting his or her own horse ready the lesson. The student learns how to groom and tack their own horse. So they should arrive approx.  45 minutes to 30 minutes before the lesson and plan on staying an additional 30 minutes afterwards to un-tack, groom again, clean the tack and put away and take care of the horse by either turning back out or putting it back in thier stall.


After the six-week are over students may continue on with the riding program. At this time I will get with the Parents and discuss wither they can go into a semi group or group and/or if they need to stay with some more private lessons.

Private  Lesson Package - $300.00

Semi-private Lesson Package - $250.00 - No more then 3 students

Group Lesson Package - $220.00 - Group lessons 4 + students in them.


Lessons Lessons are scheduled same day, same time weekly.ᅠAll lessons are sold in a lesson package of six - one-hour lessons on our school horses or your horse. All students must sign a "Riding Instruction Agreement & Liability Release" form before starting a lesson program. All students must wear a CERTIFIED ASTM approved helmet while mounted. These helmets are provided by Alpine Ridge Farms for the first six weeks and then their own helmet must be purchased by the student thereafter (if they decided to stay in the program).


riding a horse

CANCELLATION POLICY - Missed lessons are simply not acceptable. Students and parents need to understand that scheduling matters, and that my schedule must be respected. If you do not give at least 24 hours notice for a lesson cancellation, you are liable for the cost of that lesson. When possible, I will attempt to reschedule canceled lessons be I cannot guarantee any accommodations.

Make-up Lesson Policy

A make-up lesson will be rescheduled for a lesson missed for the following reasons only:

1) The lesson was canceled by the riding instructor

2) The rider was absent from the lesson for a medical reason, and has an excuse signed by his/her doctor.

3) There was a death in the rider's immediate family.

4) School activities not other school sports

5) Bad weather conditions

WINTER RIDING - When the temperatures are below 20 degrees we will schedule a combined In-House Lesson where we read articles, Books and watch videos that pertain to our sport and the horse.  Class work is just as important as a on back riding lesson.  


HOLIDAY DATE CONFECTS AND VACATIONS Everyone needs time for holidays and vactions. Most generally I will always plan on keeping the lesson schedule except for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you can not attend because of a prior commitments for other holiday dates or you have planned vacations please notify me 1 week prior to your lesson for rescheduling.

Arena and Hunter Coarse Rental - $25.00 per hour. All of our arenas are open to rent as long as it does not interfere with our lesson program. All riders must sign a Riding Instruction Agreement Liability Release form before renting. All riders must wear a CERTIFIED ASTM approved helmet while mounted. No helmet - No Rent!


JUDGING I am also available for judging small hunter shows - Call for price and for any additional information 616-887-1419

Boarding We are a full boarding facility. Board includes a clean bedded stall daily, daily turnout, hay & grain 2 times a day. Use of 3 outdoor arena's, back hunt course, wash racks, round pen and an indoor arena. Boarding does not included farrier, worming, vet nor vaccines fees. Please ciontact me for boarding rates.  

I do not do pasture boarding. Sorry!

All boarding clients must be in my weekly lesson program.

All horses shall enter the premises free from transmissible disease, have a Negative Coggins test, must be effectively wormed, and current on all immunizations. While boarding at Alpine Ridge Farms you will agree to keep up their health care.

Our boarding contracts are a month to month; therefore there are no refunds for board already paid. Boarders are required to give a 30-day written notice to terminate boarding.


House Veterinarian - West Michigan Veterinarian Services out of Coopersville, MI. They have several Equine Vets on staff and are able to handle any situation that arises.



Posted on 11 Dec 2014
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